APTV Correspondent Nick Major visited this year's Self-Help Fest, and spoke to bands, clothing and makeup companies and audiences throughout the day.

Issues performed at an earlier time slot, and Nick talked to them backstage. “A Day To Remember really knows what they're doing with this kind of thing, and they've spent a lot of years doing a lot of festivals,” said clean vocalist Tyler Carter. “I think they've taken from their experience of what they thought could always be better, and they've just really fucking nailed it.”

Later, Nick practiced his Australian accent with Tonight Alive singer Jenna McDougall, then he spoke to Kevin Lyman, the founder of Warped Tour. Lyman talked about the Taste of Chaos lineup this year. “I say that age group needs to have some fun, singing songs that when they were younger and when everything was easy; they didn't have student loans and jobs they had to wake up for every morning.”

Nick even got to talk to Jeremy McKinnon and Kevin Skaff of A Day To Remember, the band responsible for creating the festival. “It's something we were always throwing around with our management team,” says McKinnon. “This is what we focused on and came up with, a name and a subjec that matters to our genre of music. We wanted to put on something that really took care of the bands backstage as well.”

“We got a lot of that from European festival touring, those festivals take care of us,” says Skaff.

Later in the evening, Underoath discussed their reunion. “We started texting about another thing and it turned into this,” says drummer Aaron Gillespie.

“It's good to be back with your O.G. homies, you know?” adds Spencer Chamberlain.

Even Ronnie Radke was in attendance; he was excited about Underoath's performance at Self-Help. “Underoath playing together, with actually Aaron in the band… fuckin' awesome,” Radke says.

See everyone else Nick talks to, and live performances from the festival, in the video!

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