Every music lover has that one good song or album that’s ruined by a shitty time or person. For the Maine frontman John O’Callaghan, music hasn’t been ruined for him as much as it’s validated by being overplayed into the ground and ultimately enhanced.

In this APTV Exclusive, John O reminisces the song that makes him nostalgic for birthdays past, the album that’s a mainstay in drummer Pat Kirch’s car and looks back on any regrets he may have over the Maine’s career.

Read more: The Maine announce the end of the ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ era

The Maine have announced that the Lovely Little Lonely era is dead, and to celebrate its legacy, the band will be hosting a funeral slash farewell show.

Taking to Twitter to share the news, the band posted a photo of tombstone, with details of the album, and two additional photos with instructions on what fans need to do in order to attend the LLL-era’s funeral.

“This show will be a red out. Support a band called the Maine by dressing in red.”

The band continued to say:

“Bring a (fake) red rose to the show. All roses will be placed on stage as we say or goodbyes to ‘Lovely Little Lonely.’”

The one-off show is set to happen on Oct. 13 at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Tickets for the funeral, ahem, show will be available this Friday, Aug. 10. You can grab your tickets for it here.

Read more: The Maine to play ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ in full at 8123 fest

The Maine also recently announced they will be playing Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in full at the next 8123 fest.

The Maine fans thought they would never see them play their first record in full, but it’s all happening—and in the best way.

The band will play Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in full for the first and only time at their second 8123 Fest. Plus, they are releasing the first-ever vinyl pressing of the record.

The band made the announcement on the day the album was released in 2008, which makes it 10 years old! That’s not only a great reason to play it at the festival, but also a perfect date to make the reveal.

Just like the first edition, the event will take place during three days—January 18, 19 and 20, 2019—in Phoenix, Arizona.

On the first day, The Maine will perform a special set of songs chosen by fans. On January 19, they will play Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in full during the 8123 Fest. The band will do a free meet and great with fans on the last day, January 20.

What other bands will be playing the 8123 Fest and more details are yet to be released, but the band already promised a bigger lineup compared to the first edition of the festival.

“We couldn’t be happier to announce that 8123 fest is back in January!!!!” The Maine wrote on Instagram, “3 days, bigger lineup, and we couldn’t help but notice today is the 10 year anniversary of our first album “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” so to celebrate we will be performing the album in full for the first and last time at the festival!”

Pre-sale bundles go on sale tomorrow, July 9, 10 a.m. You can check out more information here.