Lexington, Kentucky’s Too Close To Touch have one eye in the scene and the other on the world. On their Epitaph debut, Nerve Endings, the quintet’s electronics-accented popcore has the ability to resonate on both car radios and moshpits on Warped.

Here are five songs to get to know the band!


“Pretty Little Thing”
“Pretty Little Thing” is currently Too Close To Touch’s most popular song, and for a good reason. The track starts off catchy and remains so through the end. Expect crowds at Warped Tour to shout these lyrics back at the band all summer. Not only is the song great, but the greyscale and red video is visually striking—right down to vocalist Keaton Pierce’s monochrome spit-up.
Key Lyric: “Shame on you for hitting where it most hurts/Shame on me for listening”

“The Deep End”
Aside from this being a solid song, we learned that the live performance of this song is something to behold. When we interviewed the band for APTV series “5 Crucial Facts” we were introduced to the band’s crowdsurfing companion Catfish Stevens who has been known to dive into the crowd during this segment of the band’s set.
Key Lyric: “It’s hard to wake up whole in an empty bed”

“Nerve Endings”
One of the most disappointing things to happen on an album is for the title track to be weak. Fortunately, “Nerve Endings” is undoubtedly the most emotionally impactful song on Too Close To Touch’s Epitaph Records full-length debut. We suggest wrangling a box of tissues before you delve into the music video.
Key Lyric: “I’m just a shell/Holding in these shattered nerves/A skeleton that’s lost its skin/And now I want back in”

“Hell To Pay”
The Word Alive’s Telle Smith brings an extra dose of heaviness to this standout track. Seeing how well newcomers Too Close To Touch seamlessly stand up next to modern legends The Word Alive is just proof that TCTT are ready to hold their own and make it big.
Key Lyric: “I'm a man today, no thanks to you/All the feeling of regret/I hope you know what you left/I'll never miss you”

“Perfect World”
Too Close To Touch are particularly skilled at melding their genre with a minimalistic pop aesthetic. We know from experience that a good look can get you far in this scene, but this band has the musical chops to back it up. You can say you knew them first when they explode in the next couple years.
Key Lyric: “But you were jumping the gun, took another shot at me”