In light of the Word Alive’s new album Dark Matter, we sat down with the band and grilled them about their favorite tracks.

Guitarist Zack Hansen and drummer Luke Holland both agree that the title track is their favorite.

“I think that 'Dark Matter' is my favorite track off the album because that’s the one I kinda get to go off on a little bit on the drums,” Holland says.  “When we play it live, it really has that aggression, that feel that—I don’t know—it just gets me pumped every night.”

Daniel Shapiro says his favorite song off the album is his spirit animal, bringing out his inner classic rock mixed with metal.

Tony Pizzuti feels that “Trapped” is the perfect combination of the different styles of music on the record into one song.

Lead vocalist Telle Smith says his favorite song from the album has gotten the best reaction from the crowd on the Dark Matter tour.

“It’s just really easy to feel and vibe to,” Smith says. “I think it’s fast, upbeat, it’s fun to sing, and I think it’s going to be one of the favorites off the album.”

Check out the video to find out which song it is! —Sarah Force