At 20 years old, Dominic Harrison, better know as YUNGBLUD, feels like a part of a generation on the brink of a massive cultural paradigm shift fueled by the vigor of punk rock. Yungblud firmly believes in speaking your mind, being resistant and focusing on creating the world that he feels the youth of today have in mind for the future.
In this APTV exclusive, YUNGBLUD feverishly dives into the greatest challenges facing his peers, divulges his biggest influences and chooses between lyrical immortals Bob Dylan and Joe Strummer.
Recently, YUNGBLUD put his diverse taste on display by creating a mashup of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” and Ariana Grande’s “God is a woman.”

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Despite the diversity of the selections, Harrison says it just made sense.

“I mashed these three songs up because together they represent my sound,” he explains. “I grew up on classic rock ’n’ roll records like ‘Heart-Shaped Box.’”

“I discovered hip-hop and became obsessed with the two genres simultaneously,” he continues. “And I am also a massive pop music fan. It just makes sense to me that these genres should sit side by side and quit fighting each other.”