[Photo credit: UncommonGoods]

Why settle for an ordinary bluetooth speaker when you can have a one-of-a-kind vinyl record speaker? You can truly celebrate music by listening to your digital collection through a vinyl-made, bluetooth speaker.

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Creator Jeff Davis partnered with UncommonGoods to create a unique bluetooth speaker, which can be customized to make it truly fit your personal interests.

In fact, there are five ways you can customize your speaker:

1. Simply request a genre from Davis, and he will go through his extensive collection and choose one for you. His genres include: '60s Rock, '70s Rock, The '80s, R&B, Diva, Show Tunes, Crooner, Disco, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Folk and Classic Country

2. Create a custom label and custom text that can be placed onto one of four different designs

3. Make your own album artwork by following image and label dimension requirements listed on the product webpage

4. Send in your own favorite album

5. Request a specific album

vinyl speaker

[Photo by: UncommonGoods]

“I think when you buy an object, whether functional or decorative, it should be something that brings you joy and that you look forward to using," Jeff Davis tells UncommonGoods.

If you want your own Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker, click here to begin customizing.