Landmark Los Angeles nightclub the Viper Room — the venue once owned by actor Johnny Depp — faces an uncertain future after it was recently purchased by a real estate developer, along with adjacent properties, for $80 million.

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As reported by Variety, a mystery buyer known as "8850 Sunset" bought the Viper Room and nearby buildings for a total of 38,000 square feet on the Sunset Strip. And it looks like the club could be demolished for future developments.

However, REM Finance's Jim Cooper, a rep for the buyer, says the club's not on the chopping block just yet. "There's not a development plan in place," he tells Variety. "They’re looking to see what the highest and best use would be."

The Viper Room's a piece of veritable Hollywood history, hosting the likes of Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and many more classic acts over the years. In 1993, it was the tragic site of actor River Phoenix's fatal Halloween drug overdose.

Have you ever attended a show at the Viper Room? All things considered, what do you think of the legendary Los Angeles nightclub possibly facing extinction? Sound off in the comments section below, and let us know your take!

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