Vocalist of local hardcore band shot and killed outside music venue

Brad Hancock, vocalist for local Salt Lake City hardcore band, Close Grip, was shot and killed outside of the Utah-based music venue the Core this past Saturday, November 15. Hancock reportedly interceded in an argument between his younger brother and 20-year-old Quincy Ear Lawson, escorting Lawson outside of the venue. Once outside, the debacle escalated and ended with Lawson shooting Hancock several times, injuring a bystander and then fleeing the scene.  

Hancock's band were opening for California's Soul Search, who are currently on a full U.S. tour.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that Lawson was arrested yesterday and is currently being held in the Salt Lake County jail under suspicion of homicide. 

A fundraiser has been launched in order to raise funds for Hancock's wife and son. Read a statement from Close Grip's official Facebook page below.

Alternative Press sends its deepest condolences to Hancock’s family and friends.