Volumes let go of vocalist Gus Farias back in December and now the band have also parted ways with his brother and guitar player Diego Farias while bringing back former vocalist Michael Barr.

The band made a lengthy statement on their social media accounts explaining the decision shortly after dropping a new song, "holywater."

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The band start the statement off by saying they "have some explaining to do" before getting right into the details of the changes.

“As many of you are now aware, Gus and Diego Farias are no longer with Volumes, and Michael Barr is now back with us in full force. We want to give you one statement to answer some of your questions and set the record straight, so here it is."

They continue by explaining that Diego wasn't fired or kicked out of the band. From his growing work as a producer, he simply "lost the desire to tour" and couldn't commit his time to writing with them anymore.

“Gus’s situation in the band was a little bit more complicated, and we did inform him that we wanted to part ways several weeks back. We don’t feel it’s necessary to provide full details of how we came to this decision. Still, it’s honestly no different of any relationship that you have with someone for over ten years on a very personal level and decide things are just not compatible any longer. That’s all there is/was to it. Gus is happy working on his project as Yung Yogi, and he will kill the game moving forward."

The band acknowledge the pair's contributions over the years and wish them the best moving forward. They continue by addressing the return of Barr on vocals and discussing the creation of "holywater."

Volumes also note that “Max is not the full-time guitarist for Volumes, but he will continue to work and write with the band. A touring guitarist will be with us on all dates for the time being. We are not looking to audition or have people send demos to us at this time. We will figure out permanent guitarists when it organically happens."
You can see the entire post below.

You can also check out "holywater" in the player below if you haven't heard it yet.

What do you think of Volumes getting Michael Barr back in the band and parting ways with Gus and Diego Farias? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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