Metalcore band Volumes have now parted ways with their vocalist Gus Farias.

The band have yet to share a statement on the departure but Farias posted a video on his Instagram claiming he "did not quit."

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“I just want to make it clear that I did not quit. I love being in the band. I got kicked out for personal bullshit, which really is bullshit. I’m gonna be the bigger man and not air out business like that. I got a check, I secured my royalties. I’m out. I’m putting me first. I’m putting everything I got into Yogi. I know what it took to get Volumes where it’s at because I had a big, big, big part in it…”

Farias, who's brother Diego is still in the band, explains that any misconceptions about his firing are untrue saying “to make it clear me exiting had zero percent to do with drugs. It was over some way more petty shit, it's sad.”

Farias previously said in 2017 that he was entering rehab following numerous close calls while using heroin and Xanax.

Volumes' official page has not yet put together a statement regarding the split.

What do you think of Volumes parting ways with their vocalist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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