Briton and Cody of Metalcore torch-bearers Wage War recently caught up with APTV to discuss sappy Johnny Cash tunes, the pressures of a nonstop social media presence and what fans can expect from a follow up to their 2017 bruiser of a record, "Deadweight."

The Wage War boys also discussed the utter importance of balancing melody and brutality within their band, talked hidden influences, and revealed that they're just a bunch of Swifties at heart.

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It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the release of Wage War’s iconic Deadweight album. The band took to Twitter to thank fans for their support over the year and to reveal their new version of “Gravity”.

“To celebrate the one year mark of Deadweight, we’re pleased to release the stripped version of “Gravity”. This record has changed our lives and we’re so thankful for the love and support we’ve received. Listen now at”