Walk Off The Earth


You’d think it would be easy to write off Walk Off The Earth as some hippie folk band, but there is nothing easy about them. Although the band gained popularity after covering Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” R.E.V.O. proves the Canadian five-piece have quite a bit more up their sleeves. With three vocalists and enough instruments to form their own campfire orchestra, WOTE create quirky folk-rock that mixes in pop melodies (“Red Hands”), alt-country guitar parts (“Money Tree”), a bit of reggae (“Sometimes”) and of course, plenty of ukelele and gang vocals. Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Blackwood has a buttery voice that balances out the raspy, rugged vocals of fellow bandmates Marshall and Gianni Luminati. Always harmonious and sometimes frantic, the songs on R.E.V.O. have an uplifting feel—perfect for a band who encourage people to listen to the music and forget their problems.