Bands have covered each other’s songs since most of us can remember. While they still create their own astounding tracks, some artists like to revisit their roots and make their own versions of their favorite melodies. In that vein, pop soloist Wanderer is teaming up with AltPress to premiere his own atmospheric rendition of the Outfield’s “Your Love.”

Before he was Wanderer, Adam Simons started as a humble cover artist, where he enjoyed putting his own twist on classic tracks. The singer made his solo debut in 2017 with a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Over the next few years, he’s shared several singles and joined acts such as the Maine and TWIN XL as a touring musician. This year, Simons dropped his debut solo LP, Songs For The Night, back in January.

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Along with his most recent single “Give It Up,” “Your Love” will be featured on the singer’s upcoming EP. Utilizing synths and reverb, Simons gives the ’80s classic an otherworldly remake. After playing the track live over the years, he says releasing a professionally recorded version is something he’s always wanted to do.


You’ve toured with bands such as the Maine, TWIN XL and Against The Current. Is there anything you’ve learned from working with other artists that you’ve applied to your own music, whether through production or a live set?

Absolutely. I've actually toured with the Maine consistently for the past two years as a live musician [playing] keys [and] guitar and tech for them, too. It's been wonderful to get to play with them onstage all over the world and become good friends with those guys. Their work ethic and drive to always push the boundary and grow as artists is so inspiring. Things like attention to every detail and creating an experience for fans really goes a long way in this industry, and they've done that from the start.

I've been lucky enough to also get to open for them as Wanderer at many shows, including in places like Brazil and the Philippines. Being on the road so much the last two years has allowed me to learn about how other bands work, and I always try to bring that back to my music and my process. 

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This song is a very dreamy take on the Outfield’s “Your Love.” What inspired you to reimagine this song specifically? When considering what to cover, were there any other tracks in the running? Would you consider doing more covers like this in the future?

I've spent years playing cover tunes in hotels, bars, you name it. Before starting this project, it was how I made a living. I love putting my own spin on a classic song, and "Your Love" has always been one of my favorites. I've played it live before and for a couple of years now have always wanted to do a studio version of it. With everything happening with the pandemic and not being on the road lately, I finally had the chance.

I've done it before, too. After my first EP [CITY] came out, I released a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." It's now one of my most-played songs on Spotify, which is definitely cool. I'm sure I’ll continue to do covers here and there in the future. I like doing older songs, though, stuff that I've grown up with, and make a point to arrange it like I would if I had written the song myself. 

Does your artistic approach differ between writing an original track and doing a reimagining of an existing one? If so, how? Is one more challenging to do than the other?

No, I don't think so. Or I at least have tried with this release to make it feel similar to my recent original tunes. In the studio, I used the same production elements and choices that I would make as if I had written it. Not just taking the song and recreating it but doing something fresh and new. 

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I have always loved the idea of doing covers alongside original work. It’s something artists would do all the time in past generations, even releasing albums of standards and classic covers to build their repertoire. The Rolling Stones did this early in their career before writing any of their own songs.  

You released your full-length Songs For The Night earlier this year. Overall, what do you hope fans take away from listening to those songs?

Songs For The Night was my debut record and a very conceptual one. From the artwork to the lyrics to adding ambient sounds throughout—some recorded up in the mountains or in my backyard—[it] all revolved around creating a world within that title. Nocturnal imagery, darkness and even solitude became themes and ideas woven through the tracklist. I really wanted to make an album that was the perfect companion for a late-night drive and that could become a soundtrack for people. If one of my songs could narrate parts of someone's life, I think that's what any artist dreams of. 

What other plans do you have for the rest of the year in regards to releases, livestreams and shows? What else can fans expect in 2020?

I have a lot planned! "Your Love" and my previous single, "Give It Up," will be part of my next EP, which I am now working on finishing up. I hop on Instagram Live every now and then and will definitely be doing more of those over the summer. As far as shows, I think all bands right now are figuring out how to navigate this new reality we're all in. I can't say when I'll be onstage next unfortunately, but I certainly hope to do it as soon as it's safe for all. Playing live is one of the best parts of this whole thing, and I can't wait to perform all of these songs for the first time. I think it'll be really special.