Back in 2017, the Vans Warped Tour reinvented their event on a cruise ship, calling itself Warped Rewind At Sea. Everything you loved about good ol’ landlubber Warped–from the awesome bands to the eternal camaraderie to the relentless sunshine–was in play in the middle of an ocean.

Now it looks like tour founder Kevin Lyman and his team may be planning a return to the high seas. And they want your input. The Warped brain trust recently put up a survey soliciting ideas on how to make a second voyage of Warped Rewind At Sea a reality.

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Warped Tour stans taking the survey are asked a number of questions, both crucial and logistical.  Warped is looking for suggestions on what other kind of entertainment and activities would make the trip sweeter. No idea seems far-fetched, from karaoke nights to tattoo parlors. (At least one AltPress editor suggested an oceanic record store.) There are logistical questions regarding potential sea-punks' needs, from price points to the number of ride-or-dies they would bring. And naturally, what bands they want to see.

If the thought of being out in the ocean as part of the only tour that mattered piques your interest, head over here to take the survey. Tell your buds about it as well, because a life without loud guitars in the summer is a huge drag.

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Warped Rewind At Sea's maiden voyage commenced Oct 28, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Cozumel, Mexico. The four-day event featured the participation of 3OH!3, Bowling For Soup, Cartel, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Simple Plan and the Starting Line, as well as the Emo Nite cabal. For all intents and purposes (dude, the photos), a real cool time was positively inevitable.

You can see a recap of 2017’s run below.

Would you board a Warped Rewind At Sea return? let us know in the comments below.

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