Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has a lot to look forward to this year. First up is the final touring campaign of Warped, which begins in Pomona, California, June 21 and winds down Aug. 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida. After Warped though, you can call him “Professor Lyman:” He has accepted a position at the University Of Southern California’s Thornton School Of Music.

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In a recent tweet, Lyman said “I once said I would do Vans Warped Tour for one summer and then be a teacher. 24 years latter [sic], I am finally going to do that.”

After the tour’s end, he’ll report to USC Thornton in the role of a full-time associate professor, teaching four to five classes two days a week. Lyman says he will be focusing on live event production, philanthropy and music, as well as the direction and future of the music business.

“Like I said, if Warped hadn’t worked out, I was going to head into teaching.  Thirty-six years after getting that recreation administration degree. I actually got to put it on a resumé.”