[Photo by: Bryce Hall]

Warped Tour hit Kansas City today, and they caught word that the Westboro Baptist Church, which is known for its homophobic and racist remarks, would be protesting the event. So, the Warped Tour crew decided to protest the organization in the best way.

Check out some of the incredible photos below!

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Not only did they crash the protest, but Black Craft Clothing had some seriously sick tees for the Warped crew to rock:

Bryce Hall captured some of the best photos of the Warped Tour crew coming together to stand up to the Westboro protesters. Check those out here:

Not to mention, Garrett Russell of Silent Planet had an incredible response, saying he’d be sharing fried mini donuts and Monster water (hoping maybe they’d grow up and just read or vape, as one does):

And check out some of the other incredible responses in protest to Westboro’s Warped Tour appearance below:

APTV Correspondent K Enagonio (rocking some amazing AP pride merch!):


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Fronz, Attila:

Josh James, Stick To Your Guns:

Mason Marble, Too Close To Touch:

Kelen Capener, The Story So Far:

Tori Kravitz:

Dan Bratton, Creeper:

Eric Vanlerberghe, I Prevail:

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