When Gerard Way announced that he would be taking his show on the road in the U.S., many of us had the same question: "Well, he only has one album? How will he fill out the set?" 

When a couple members of AP's staff made the journey to see him in Philly last Friday, we found out. In addition to all the songs from Hesitant Alien, Way is also playing (spoiler alert) a cover of the Jesus And Mary Chain's "Snakedriver," Japanese B-side "Television All The Time," an unnamed piano ballad and an unreleased song called "Dasher." 

Watch the performances of the original songs below: 

Japanese B-Side "Television All The Time" or, as it is known around the AP HQ, "Stop Leaving":


"Dasher," which is "about a young woman who falls in love with a reindeer...and he helps her get the fuck out":


Unidentified ballad, shown as "Piano Jam" on setlists, commonly mistaken online for Way's version of 17th century English folk song "O Waly Waly":