Simple Plan sat down with Senior Editor Ryan Downey in the Gibson Artist Lounge at the 2015 APMAs right after their fantastic performance. 
The band talked new music, adding that their performance of "Boom" was the world premiere of the new single! Drummer Chuck Comeau lets us in on some of the killer co-writes on the upcoming record. Ever heard of Mark Hoppus or Alex Gaskarth?
Mike Herrera, MxPx frontman and guest performer at the APMAs, crashed the interview to talk about MxPx and Simple Plan's long relationship. "A long time ago, MxPx was on tour in Canada, and this band Reset opened for us," said Mike. That's right–these guys have been friends since before Simple Plan was Simple Plan!
The guys also showed some love for the APMAs. "What's cool about it is that it taps into something which doesn't really get a lot of mainstream exposure," said Simple Plan frontman Pierre Bouvier. Thanks, man!
Hear more about the upcoming Simple Plan record, as well as Mike Herrera's plans in the video!


Interview: Ryan J. Downey instagram
Video/Editing: Bobby Makar
Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt instagram