Although the FANDOM era may be coming to an end with the release of Waterparks’ new single “Lowkey As Hell,” fans still have one more chance to relive the album.

Waterparks are gearing up to put out their new live album and concert film, FANDOM: LIVE IN THE UK. Following an exclusive peek last week, the band are detailing release date information with another look via the “Turbulent” live video.

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Awsten Knight first teased the end of the FANDOM era when he cut off his signature green hair during a recent livestream. While giving himself the new look, he also teased Waterparks’ new single “Lowkey As Hell.”

Then, on Sept. 25, Waterparks announced the end of the FANDOM era and released the highly-anticipated new single. As Knight previously shared, “Lowkey As Hell” encompasses this past year.

“The song is a recap of the last year or so,” Knight says. “It really describes what’s been going on and who I am. When I’m on stage, I’m a forward-facing, extroverted presence. At the same time, I’m also the biggest hermit ever. I just like to stay in, ignore my phone a lot, and write. I’m naturally reserved in my day-to-day life. The juxtaposition of loud materialism versus private emotion in that opening line really encapsulates the feeling I wanted to get across in the rest of the song.”

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Even though fans are excited about the new single, some are still holding onto the FANDOM era while they still can. Now, Waterparks are closing the era with one last encore. They are gearing up to release their new concert DVD and live album that is full of FANDOM hits and fan favorites.

The concert film and live DVD were captured during Waterparks’ FANDOM tour stop in Birmingham, England at the O2 Academy. The coverage was shot in January before the coronavirus pandemic hit and captures the full live FANDOM tour experience. Along with mind-blowing special effects, the concert film has various unforgettable performances of songs from FANDOM and previous releases.

Knight previously opened up about the concert film to Alternative Press. He assures everyone that the upcoming film is unlike anything anyone has seen before.

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“I’m just saying to you right now, with all the humility that I can, there has not been a band DVD like this."

For this particular project, Waterparks really wanted to push boundaries and take things to a whole new level. The concert film features special effects that have never been done before.

“A lot of people have the extent of their effects as going black and white and then adding speed ramps or slow motion and shit,” he said. “And I was like, ‘If we’re not going to push boundaries, we’re not going to do it.’ There’s just not a point. So this shit just looks crazy. It’s nuts. The effects are something that haven’t been done on a live DVD.”

On Thursday, Waterparks unveiled the official trailer for the upcoming film. The trailer gives a glimpse into what fans can expect from their exhilarating live performance and behind-the-scenes moments.

On Sunday, the band followed up the teaser by sharing another clip with DE’WAYNE joining them onstage for FANDOM track “War Crimes.”

Now, following the tease that the trailer would hold fans over until Monday, Waterparks are officially announcing FANDOM: LIVE IN THE UK.

Executive produced by Knight and Jawn Rocha, fans can expect to see Waterparks perform numerous hits in the new film. Their FANDOM tour setlist included various songs including “Dream Boy,” “Stupid For You,” “High Definition” and “Blonde.” The film will also include the rare mashups of their previous albums, “Double Dare 2019” and “Entertainment 2019.”

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“I’ve always wanted Waterparks to have a live concert DVD because I used to love watching them from other bands so much,” Knight explains. “The thing is, I wanted to approach it differently and try to make it into more of an art piece rather than strictly documentation of a night.

“As a co-director, I wanted it to be like an IMAX Waterparks show but in an alternate universe and so every song is warped out and stylized to look how it feels to me while we’re performing. It took us 6 months of editing daily to create what we consider an innovative/abstract experience while still remaining cohesive and thoughtful. Order a physical copy when they drop because I designed the inside/outside of the packaging and it looks so tight, bless you and stay safe.”

Set to release Nov. 27, CD and Blu-Ray bundle preorders are available here. Check out the live video for “Turbulent” below.

Which songs are you looking forward to seeing Waterparks perform in their concert film? Let us know in the comments below.