It looks like a DE'WAYNE and Waterparks collaboration is on its way.

In a new interview, DE'WAYNE reveals that he recently teamed up with Waterparks for a new song.

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Back in June, DE'WAYNE announced that he is now signed to Hopeless Records. In celebration of the signing, he released his powerful single "National Anthem."

Since the release of "National Anthem" nearly two months ago, fans have been anxiously awaiting to hear new music from DE'WAYNE. Now, the alternative singer and rapper has revealed that he has a collaboration with Waterparks on the way.

During a recent interview, DE'WAYNE shares the exciting news and reveals when fans can expect to hear the new collab.

"I definitely have something with Waterparks coming out," he says. "It’s insane. I don’t know where it’s going to go or when it’s going to come out or whose project it is going to go on but me and Awsten have a banger for sure."

As for what the new collaboration sounds like, DE'WAYNE kept most of the information to himself. However, he does share that Waterparks' vocalist Awsten Knight raps on the new collab.

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"I’ll just say that Awsten is snapping," he continues. "Awsten can really rap. I don’t know if his fans know that. So it’s some of that going on."

Shortly after DE'WAYNE wrapped the European run of Waterparks' FANDOM tour earlier this year, the coronavirus pandemic hit. Since then, DE'WAYNE has been hard at work creating new music while in quarantine.

Although the release date for his collaboration with Waterparks is unknown, we may be hearing new music from DE'WAYNE soon. In the meantime, his latest single "National Anthem" is available to stream below.

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