Waterparks have so many influences, it's downright ridiculous to deem them "pop punk." Indeed, the trio known as "God's favorite boy-band" like a lot of different things, even if some of their fans don't. Ringleader Awsten Knight has never downplayed his love for straight-up pop music. But he's never denied his love for a cranked guitar, either.

Our list of 10 records to listen to if you love Waterparks is rather multi-faceted. In fact, we're pretty sure that Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood would be down with most of our choices. (We're pretty confident to say the three of them have certainly heard them all.) From new leaders in hip-hop to post-hardcore hellions on holiday, you can see how these artists' work could easily seep into the consciousness of FANDOM. Of course, there are some scene essentials. Metaphorically speaking,  we all know the sea refuses no river. That's why we think these records might just blow your mind.

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We'll save our biggest spoiler for last. There aren't any boybands on this list. Not because we couldn't think of any. We didn't want to pick the wrong one and be subjected to a flurry of capslock tweets from Knight. And then our notifications would blow up because you'd egg him on with more retweets. We aren't stupid. And neither are Waterparks. Because they know the possibilities of pop music and the promise of a kickass guitar riff, they are mapping their own future. With this list of albums Waterparks' fans should check out, we're just showing you the routes they're using.