Valentine’s Day 2020 is upon us, which means one of two things. You either have someone who is going to pay 78% more for flowers for you than they would on the 15th—or you don’t. These are things we do this time of year to profess our admiration and love for the certain special sweethearts in our lives. It also can be a time where you can get bummed out considerably by a memory ruined by romance. 

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Now, what’s the one thing that never fails to conjure memories, good or bad? Music. Here, APTV’s Bobby Makar put together a montage of interviews from our Ruined Music series. And it’s entirely based on the songs some rockers can’t handle anymore. None of these players sound the same at all, but they do know the frost of heartbreak when they hear it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scene staple (Waterparks, iDKHOW, Against Me!), bona fide punk-rock icon (Bad Religion), mighty metal dude (Papa Roach, August Burns Red, Escape The Fate, Periphery) or master of word flow (Watsky). Any song has the potential to be a Trojan Horse to pulverize your heart.

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So here it is: A special supercut edit of APTV’s Ruined Music for Valentine's Day. If you’ve ever gone to the supermarket to get three pints of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy—only to be tortured by the song that reminds you of the person you’re medicating yourself over—you’re picking up what we’re throwing down. What you also need reminded of is that we’ve all been there, and everything will be OK Feb. 15. Don't let every day be ruined by romance!

Oh, and shout-out to our boy Maxx D from Set it Off. If your story would’ve happened to this writer, his heart would be a permanent glacier, for sure...