Yes, life in the coronavirus pandemic is a drag. But if you even think Waterparks are going to bum out entirely over it, you'd be as correct as that guy from Trapt. The 'parx rangers collaborated with production duo MC4D for a sweet, sweet remix of "Dream Boy" to blow your blues away. You can check out the track right now at Spotify.
The collaboration of Waterparks and MC4D is pretty genius. The duo (twin brothers Matt and Chris Drake) have been putting their poptastic sheen on tracks by artists such as Justin Caruso and Frank Walker among so many others. Couple that experience with vocalist/singer Awsten Knight's unashamed love of boyband culture and you have playlist gold, right there.
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"Dream Boy" is one of the many solid tracks taken from their third album, FANDOM, brought to you by Hopeless Records. Produced by Zakk Cervini (YUNGBLUD, Poppy, nothing, nowhere.), FANDOM is truly a well-rounded listening experience. There are unapologetic pop hooks that will stick in your head for weeks and a blinding, jagged post-punk riff ("Watch What Happens Next"). Honestly, FANDOM is so great, the album should be considered for best of 2020 status, as well. Waterparks have a knack for embodying any music culture they choose, and they do with style and respect.
Of course, FANDOM is out now and you can stream or purchase that action right here.
And if you somehow missed it last year, here's the original video of "Dream Boy." Gotta hand it to Knight. Not only can he write, sing, play and direct, he makes one hell of a hood ornament.