After not hearing much from Waterparks in regards to music this year, they’re bringing in a new era with their latest single. The trio shared their first track since 2019’s FANDOM with “Lowkey As Hell.”

The band dropped their third full-length album via Hopeless Records in October 2019 and released remixes of “Dream Boy” and “Telephone” over the next few months. The group have been busy this year working on a few things including a collaboration with rapper DE’WAYNE. Lead singer Awsten Knight also confirmed the band’s concert DVD Live In The U.K. will release by the end of the year. Despite all the activity, fans have been anxiously waiting for new music from the group and now their wishes are coming true.

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The band began teasing “Lowkey As Hell” last week when Knight went live on Instagram. Suggesting the end of the FANDOM era, the singer cut off his bright green hair as the second verse and chorus of the track played in the background.

They later posted a tweet saying if it got no retweets, they’d drop the song—the opposite of the challenge Knight gave fans for unreleased demos in January. With over 600 retweets on the new track, fans were left with the snippet that was given to them during Knight’s haircut. 

The teasers continued until Waterparks finally shared the release date and time for the track along with a new shot of the band. 

The single features a play on the chorus of the second single of FANDOM, Watch What Happens Next” alongside mellow breaks and shimmering synths. Knight has his own special words to describe the track and how it makes him feel.

“‘Lowkey As Hell’ is a great song, so good, fantastic, so tight,” he exclusively tells Alternative Press. “I don’t hear people call things ‘wonderful’ very much, so I wanna describe it like that. A lot of guys become their fathers, but if I start saying wonderful maybe I’ll turn into your mom instead.”

The singer also hopes that fans will make their own tributes to the track but thinks a tattoo of the title is the right way to go.

“Hope you like the guitar solo and tattoo ‘LOWKEY AS HELL’ all small and secret on your body somewhere,” he continues. “Get it, because it’s lowkey. It’d be a good finger tattoo, in my opinion.”

Check out Waterparks’ newest track released via 300 Entertainment, “Lowkey As Hell,” below.