Waterparks have been having a lot of fun with their success lately, but their latest decision may be the most ridiculous yet.

The band tweeted out that Spencer's asked to stock one of their shirts and they replied with the most absurd design they could muster.

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The band says they wanted a simple design with photos of the band's members, but they opted for a much better design.

More on Waterparks

The band's single "Turbulent" has become their most streamed track, breaking their personal record in just two days. After that, they released a version of the song with hilariously clean lyrics.

While fans were freaking out about the clean version of the hit song, frontman Awsten Knight revealed he has more versions of the song.

You can listen to both the original and the clean version below.

Are you going to try to cop this new Waterparks shirt design? Let us know in the comments below.

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