[Photo by: Awsten Knight/Instagram]

The first track on Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight's strange new blip-hop mixtape—released on SoundCloud under the alias Felony Steve—is titled, "Who Is Steve?" And, really, I guess that's the question we're all asking here. Listen to Knight's bizarre new effort Money Mountain Vol. II below.

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The Waterparks singer and guitarist previously dabbled in some unusal side project flow: Remember his outings as Lil Kidz Bop? In fact, Lil Kidz Bop features on a couple Money Mountain tracks, which makes us wonder if all the featured players—King Salami, Troy Facism [sic], Felonezer Scrooge, Boy McQueen, et al.—aren't just supplementary pseudonyms for the creative musician.

The songs' lyrics are just as peculiar as the surplus of stage names—if not more. "My name is Felony Steve/I like to eat cheetah meat/Inside a fancy limousine/And snort weed watching Sesame Street," goes a sampling of verse from the tape's "Rare Illegal Good Meats On Amazon For A Limited Time." (We had no idea that rare, illegal "good meats" were on offer from Amazon.)

Some appear taken aback by the release. Here's Knight's Twitter response to a fan who calls Money Mountain Vol. II "f*cked up and dumb" and "not funny or satirical": "IM SOWWY 4 HAVING FUN W MY FWENDS IN MY FWEE TIME."

Hear the whole darn thing below, and check out Felony Steve's accompanying video clips for "Velcro" and "Girl U Broke My Heart" after the mixtape.

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