This week, Fox officially kicked off the Masked Singer spin-off series the Masked Dancer. Rather than singing, contestants perform choreographed routines while protecting their true identities under elaborate costumes.

Now, it looks like the first contestant has finally been unmasked and viewers know now who was hiding underneath the Disco Ball costume.

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Although the Masked Singer spin-off has just begun, the Masked Dancer has already said goodbye to its first contestant - Disco Ball. Following their choreographed performance to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," many viewers flocked to social media to share their predictions.

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Following Disco Ball's performance, the judges had a lot of varied guesses on who the contestant could be. Brian Austin Green thought it was LL Cool J, Ken Jeong guessed Smokey Robinson, Paula Adbul guessed Ving Rhames and Ashley Tisdale believed it might be Lionel Richie.

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However, it looks like those predictions about Ice-T were correct. This week, the Body Count member was officially unmasked as Disco Ball on the Masked Dancer. It turns out Disco Ball gave quite a few obvious clues hinting at Ice-T.

From saying he was ready to "serve and protect" to showing a shark fin, both of these clues were in reference to his Law And Order: SVU character Odafin "Fin" Tutuola. As well, his clue montage even included actual ice tea.

Ice-T recently told Variety he was hesitant to join the Fox show at first.

“I told [my manager], ‘Yo, my dancing days are over,'” Ice-T says. “I used to breakdance but now I can [just] breakdance in my mind. My bones aren’t moving with the same speed… I used to do martial arts, so I could kick you in your head. Right now I throw that same kick and aim it at your head, it’s probably going to hit you somewhere in your pant pocket. The elevation just ain’t there no more.”

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Ice-T unmasking on the Masked Dancer is available to watch below. Despite some of the varied predictions, many viewers were shocked to learn it was Ice-T under the Disco Ball costume.

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Did you think Ice-T was Disco Ball on the Masked Dancer? Who do you think some of the other contestants are? Let us know in the comments below.