Last month, Goldfinger surprised fans with their first new piece of music in three years called "Wallflower."

Now, Goldfinger have finally revealed with their highly-anticipated new album Never Look Back is arriving.

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In October, Goldfinger dropped their first new piece of music since 2017 called "Wallflower." Goldfinger's frontman John Feldmann exclusively told Alternative Press that inspiration for the single came from an unexpected source. As well, it was the final song he wrote for Never Look Back.

"The Perks Of Being A Wallflower… As a kid, like a lot of guys, I turned to music," he said. "And I didn’t have the greatest childhood. I was definitely abused as a kid. I had stuff happen to me that wasn’t—I pray to God [that] my kids have a very different experience growing up than I did. And I always relate when [Charlie] has those flashbacks to his aunt abusing him. I always have this very emotional reaction to that. For this single, we took the art from the movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and we used it with a classic spacegirl on the cover. I just feel like it ties into so much of my history with the single."

It's been a month since "Wallflower" made its surprise debut. Now, Goldfinger have finally revealed that their new album Never Look Back is arriving on Dec. 4 through Feldmann's label Big Noise.

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Following the release of Goldfinger's 2017 album The Knife, Feldmann found himself busy working on other artists' music. Currently, he's working with MOD SUN, blink-182 and Atreyu on their upcoming releases. As well, he is collaborating with Gross and Travis Mills' new band girlfriends who are also signed to Big Noise.

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Although Feldmann has been busy collaborating with other artists, he knew another Goldfinger album had to happen. He further told Alternative Press that, ultimately, he hopes fans enjoy Never Look Back as much as he does.

"I knew I had to make another album because I do so much production for other bands that it’s hard for me sometimes to make time," he said. "Because I loved The Knife, I had to. I had to follow it up. So I made an album that will be coming this year, and, like I shared earlier, 'Wallflower' was the last song I wrote for the album. I feel like I made a record I’m very proud of, and I hope people like it."

Stream Goldfinger's latest single "Wallflower" below.

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