We Shot The Moon

Love And Fear

Piano-driven modern pop hasn’t been an anomaly since the Fray wrote the ridiculously catchy “Cable Car (Over My Head).” If a band are going to write this kind of music, they’ve got to be either extremely radio-friendly (the Fray, Owl City) or a little kooky (fun.). We Shot The Moon’s Love And Fear (not to be confused with the band’s 2008 debut Fear And Love) doesn’t color outside the genre lines, nor is it something that will get the radio folk talking. It’s a fairly good album—hell, sometimes it’s even really good. “Sonrisa” is a Beach Boys-tinged, “aww shucks” kind of love song while album closer “Blind” strikes a nice balance between a piano ballad and a stripped-down acoustic version. But for the most part, Love And Fear is more pleasant background noise then memorable pop music. Many of the 10 tracks sound the same, and by the album’s midway point, “We Can Wait,” you’ll likely start thinking, “Okay, what else ya got?” Love And Fear isn’t a bad album, but it strays dangerously close to that other B-word: boring.

Self-released http://weshotthemoon.com