Weatherbox will release their third full-length album, Flies In All Directions, on May 13 via Favorite Gentlemen/Triple Crown Records.  The album will be the band’s first full release since 2011’s self-released Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar EP.

The songs on the new album draw lyrics and sheet notes from a time period spanning many years, but most of the material was written recently. Brian Warren—the creative force behind Weatherbox—recalls the turbulent time leading up to the new album’s release: "I was convinced of awful delusions," Warren recounts, "I'd see men in disturbing prosthetics, caricatures of my friends but with sharp teeth and arched eyebrows. At another point I thought I was a ghost a million years in the future, where a holographic overlay of 2006 obscured reality and a semi-hostile robotic intelligence had replaced all of humanity."

You can check out the full tracklisting and album art for Flies In All Directions below. More information and music will be released in the coming weeks.


01) Pagan Baby

02) Bring Us The Head Of Weatherbox

03) The Fresh Prints Of Bill Ayers

04) Bathin' In The Fuss

05) Radio Hive

06) The Devil And Whom?

07) Dark All Night For Us

08) Drag Out

09) The Drones

10) Ghost Malls

11) Kick-Flips

12) The Last White Lighter

13) Love Me A Good Microcosm