Fresh off their Wake Up & Be Awesome Tour, the Summer Set, We Are The In Crowd, Go Radio, For The Foxes and Paradise Fears have paired up with To Write Love On Her Arms and are taking over our weekly playlist with the following mix of uplifting and love songs (er- sort of. We're looking at you, Mike Ferri.)

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The Summer Set

The Summer Set - Alternative Press/TWLOHA playlist takeover

ALT-J - "Tessellate"

Let's be honest: I have no idea what this song is about. The theories behind the lyrical content of this band blow my mind. That's the beauty of imagery in song. —Josh Montgomery, guitar

THE DELTA SPIRIT - "California”

I love this song. It's all about loving someone, but realizing you're both at completely different points in your lives. So, ultimately, you walk away because you know it's just not right. —Josh Montgomery, guitar

GOOD OLD WAR - “Coney Island”

This song makes me feel free, like I could let go of everything and be fine. –John Gomez, guitar

BEN HOWARD - “Only Love”

It's rare to get such an infinite feeling from one song even if it’s just playing in the background. This song makes me want to be a better person. –John Gomez, guitar


"Cameron” is by my friend, Jillette Johnson, about a high school boy who is bullied for cross-dressing. Jillette describes Cameron as "a hundred times the man that they are." I think it's a beautiful song about acceptance and being beautiful the way you are. –Brian Dales, vocals

JIMMY EAT WORLD - “Sweetness”

This is a great anthemic rock song that's just begging for massive crowd sing-alongs. –Stephen Gomez, bass


“Hear You Me” is a beautiful 3/4 ballad, a standard on any legit "sleepy time" playlist. –Stephen Gomez, bass

THE SUMMER SET “Maybe Tonight"

I think this is my favorite song on our new record. It's about starting over whenever you want to and being the best version of yourself you can be. –Brian Dales, vocals

ST. LUCIA - “Closer Than Love”

This song is so catchy in it's own unique way. When I first listened to it, I thought this was a song from the ‘80s that I had never heard. I love their sound, and I would recommend that everyone listen to it. —Jess Bowen, drums

THE SUMMER SET - "Don't Let Me Go"

This is a song from Everything's Fine about holding on and asking the people you love not to give up on you. –Brian Dales, vocals

TEGAN AND SARA - “Love They Say”

Although I am a big fan of their entire new album, Heartthrob, this was the stand out track for me. It's a beautifully written, feel-good love song. Anyone who has ever experienced being in love will be able to relate to the lyrical content of this song. I’ve had this song on repeat since the day this album was released.—Jess Bowen, drums


I can't stop listening to this song. I'm so stoked he's making music again. This song is a perfect love song about being the best version of yourself when you're around the person you love the most. –Brian Dales, vocals

We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd - Alternative Press/TWLOHA playlist takeover

DJ DARUDE – “Sandstorm”

What this song—or symphony—lacks in lyrical content, it makes up for in pure, unadulterated emotional energy manifesting itself in the form of beeps, boops, bops and zoots. You can feel the composer's soul in every sub drop, and it's yearning for a love long lost. –Mike Ferri, bass

LIMP BIZKIT – “Boiler”

It’s very easy to get lost in another person and lose your independence. In this song, Fred Durst expresses his desire to spread his wings and soar, breaking the chains of unrequited love, and becoming his own man. –Mike Ferri, bass


Go Radio

Go Radio - Alternative Press/TWLOHA playlist takeover

COLDPLAY – “Fix you”

Everyone feels helpless, some more than others. This song is one of the first anthems I can remember attaching to that addresses when you're stuck in that "I've given it everything, what else can I do?" moment. For some divine reason, this song makes everything feel better. –Matt Burns, bass

COPELAND - "Take Care"

This band were the first exposure I had to music that wasn't on the radio. I remember being instantly blown away by this record, and I don't think I stopped listening to it for months. This song holds a specific sentiment because it helped me get through the process of watching my grandma go through Alzheimer's. Fantastic song on a great record. –Alex Reed, guitar

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

This whole record helped me get through a rough breakup, especially this song. I would have it on repeat while doing long drives. –Steven Kopacz, drums


This has always had a tremendous effect on me. It makes me think about tour and about the way people see us. I love it. (It's even my ringtone for 11:11;) –Jason Lancaster, vocals


This was the first song I ever covered when I joined a band. Lyrically, the song hits pretty hard, and that's something I've always really attached to. JEW have a really good way of doing that. –Alex Reed, guitar

PAUL MCCARTNEY – “Maybe I’m Amazed”

This is probably one of the best love songs of all time. It does such an amazing job of defining how much we need the ones we love, and most importantly the one we love. –Jason Lancaster, vocals

For The Foxes

For The Foxes - Alternative Press/TWLOHA playlist takeover

CAKE - “Dime”

To me this song is about being content with yourself no matter the amount of value others place on you. "I'm a dime, I'm fine, and I shine I'm freshly minted.” –Jimmy Brindley, guitar

THE KILLERS- “Andy, You're A Star”

There's some debate to what these lyrics are actually about and the perspective from which they're told. I interpret it as a girl confessing that she still believes in and wants to be with "Andy," even though he may have seemingly passed his prime and made some bad decisions as a result. –Jimmy Brindley, guitar

THE SMITHS – “Hand In Glove”

This song encourages trust in your emotions. Express your love for someone, regardless if it makes you look like a fool or not. –Jimmy Brindley, guitar

Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears - Alternative Press/TWLOHA playlist takeover


This is probably the best anthem for the broken-hearted I've ever heard. Andrew McMahon picks an incredibly powerful metaphor for fighting through hard times—swimming—and sings it in a way that you've just gotta believe every single word he says.

JOHN MAYER - "The Age Of Worry"

I don't know if anyone understands the human condition quite like John Mayer does. Every time he releases an album, he hides a track on there that allows him to demonstrate wisdom, probably beyond his years, and “Age Of Worry” is maybe his best yet. Anytime anyone asks me how to handle being upset, I just give them secondhand advice from this song: "Don't be scared to walk alone/Don't be scared to like it."

THE NEW RADICALS - "You Get What You Give"

It’s maybe my favorite song of all time. It's silly upbeat and bouncy, but the lyrics really are brilliant, all based around the simple concept that everyone's got music in them, and that brings the world around eventually. It’s impossible not to feel good about yourself when listening to this song.