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Sick Kids

Terrible Things drummer Josh Eppard is best known for his stint with Coheed And Cambria, a gig that ended when he chose opiates over prog rock. Now Eppard has cleaned up, but drugs are still preying on his mind on Sick Kids, his second solo rap album. Darker and tighter than its predecessor, 2005’s Friends And Nervous Breakdowns, Sick Kids unfolds like a gripping Narcotics Anonymous testimony. This time around, Eppard’s stopped pointing the finger at shifty friends and instead blames himself, detailing at length his ugly slide from center stage to the gutter. “Speedballs (Kingston's High)” approximates a coke binge as Eppard rapid-fire raps in a gravelly flow, catching his breath while cheerleaders chant a chorus. And after tortured recollections like “The Zodiac” and “Finality,” moments of clarity like the rocking “Unlovable Loser” and old-school “Clap If You <3 Someone” are addictive and life-affirming.

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“Unlovable Loser”