Weerd Science, a hip hop project by Josh Eppard (Coheed & Cambria drummer and former member of Terrible Things), joined AP to release their new music video for "Your Shovel." 

In the video, scenes flip between Eppard walking around a town rapping the lyrics to "Your Shovel" and a single mother taking care of her child and mourning at a grave.

Eppard wrote the song as an ode to his friend who raised a child after her husband unexpectedly died. "I was dealing with recovery from hardcore drug addiction and this friend reached out to me to try and help," says Eppard. "At the time I couldn't accept the help, but I wanted to write this song to let her know that I truly appreciate her and how strong a person she is."

Watch the video below. You can catch Weerd Science on tour in early April with Sadistik and Upgrade HipHop.

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