We all know that the first two albums by Weezer are pretty much untouchable. Their 1994 debut (aka the Blue Album) and the follow-up emo talisman Pinkerton have risen above being mere gateway drugs and "alternative nation" staples. We remember teenage indie-rock elitists telling us that Pinkerton was the only great record on a major label. (At first, we thought it was a Cleveland thing. Then we wised up.)

Rivers Cuomo and his crew have given us so much more than two albums worth of inspired, amped-up diary entries. As a reminder, we created this list of 10 amazing Weezer songs that aren't on the Blue Album or Pinkerton. We can't remember which band member once said, "you have to hate us in order to love us." We just think that assessment is plain wrong. Because despite their greatness, there's more to life than "Buddy Holly" and "El Scorcho."

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We went through all of the records (barring the Teal covers album and the Death To False Metal set) and pulled our favorites. We like to think that this list has two functions. One is that you will add your favorite ride-or-die songs from the Weezer mix in your heart in the comments below. The best thing would be if someone in the band was reading this sentence right now. Because when Weezer head out on this summer's Hella Mega Tour (alongside Green Day and Fall Out Boy), they're going to need some deep cuts to fill those set lists. And who doesn't love the influence of an outside party? (That's what made the internet famous, you know...)