Weezer's Rivers Cuomo has announced the unofficial release dates for four upcoming SZNS albums on Twitter. According to Cuomo, the albums will all drop at the beginning of each season during 2022.

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Cuomo added the caveat the dates were “not confirmed with any record company or manager.”

If things do go according to plan, the release cycle could potentially begin with Spring on March 20 and continue with Summer June 20, Fall Sept. 22 and Winter Dec. 21. Cuomo added the dates were chosen because they are the first days of the season. He asked fans to correct him if he was wrong.

Cuomo explained the inspiration behind the concept on Apple Music's Strombo  in February. “The next idea is a four album set, where each album corresponds to one of the four seasons,” he explains. “And then each album has a very different vibe and lyrical theme.”

In other Weezer news, Cuomo released his own Spotify-like app called Weezify in January. The app hosts nearly 3,500 demos made by the musician from 1975-2017.