Weezer’s contribution to the Spell soundtrack is staying true to their new poppy sound. Rivers Cuomo delivers catchy radio-friendly verses and hooks on the band’s latest synthy track “California Snow.”

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Similar to the electro-pop tracks on 2017’s Pacific Daydream, “California Snow” is perfect for fans of Weezer’s latest pop direction.

Released on Thursday, “California Snow” is available on multiple streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. For international listeners, Weezer’s new song will be available Friday, Sept. 20.

Additionally, “California Snow” appears during the closing credits of Spell. While Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump is the man in charge of the film’s score, the Weezer song is also featured in the film’s trailer.

Spell follows the comedic and thrilling story of an American illustrator lost in rural Iceland. While running out of his medication, the illustrator must figure out whether his actions speak for his illness or his undying quest to find the answers to ancient secrets. Watch the trailer and catch a snippet of Weezer’s new song below.

Check out the full version of “California Snow” here:

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