The internet in the 2000s was a strange place. We were low-key coders thanks to Myspace and thought we looked like models in our poorly edited selfies that we’d share to our profiles.

One of the cringiest elements of the internet back in the day was the lingo we used. There were no rules when it came to typing, and saving even .2 of a second when sending an AIM message was super important to us for some reason.

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So we can all laugh at our shared embarrassment, here are 10 things we can’t believe we used to say on the internet.

1. Rawr XD

This was the epitome of being a scene kid online in the mid-’00s. We said this to our friends, our crushes and included it in almost all of our photo captions. It was a staple phrase at the time, and we have to respect that.

2. PC4PC?

Before we made our friends like our Instagram photos, we made them comment on our Myspace photos. This phrase signified the exchange of a comment for comment, as if it had to be some sort of transaction. We’d be pretty embarrassed now asking for comments on those pictures, as the photos themselves were probably laugh-out-loud cringy, anyway.

3. that’s hot

Made famous by Paris Hilton, this was our way of trying to be super cool. It seemed nonchalant, but we were definitely screaming behind the screen when we worked up the courage to comment this on our crush’s photos.


There isn’t a single circumstance where this is the appropriate response, and there’s nothing else we have to say about it.


This stands for love you like a sister, in case your brain blocked it out from memory. It was our way of letting the internet know we had a lot of super-awesome friends, and it was definitely over the top.

6. get crunk

The irony is that while we proclaimed this countless times on social media, we were probably not actually getting crunk to anyone’s standards.

7. Fer sure

This didn’t save anytime typing, and no one actually thought it was cool. The only successful thing this did was confuse our parents when we’d accidentally respond to one of their texts with this.

8. tYpiNg LiKe ThIs

It was annoying both to type and to read, so who knows who this was actually benefiting.

9. G2G

We said this every time we ended an AIM chat exchange with someone without fail. Other notable contenders are gtg, ttyl and bbs.

10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not just this emoticon, but we’d spend hours Googling different characters we could make with our keyboards to impress our friends online. It definitely helped us kill time, but at what cost?