[Photo by: WeezerVEVO/Youtube

Obviously everyone loves a good black band shirt, but sometimes, bands like to shake things up and take their merch game to the next level with some more creative licensed merchandise. Sometimes, it’s amazing, sometimes, it’s a complete flop, sometimes, it’s straight-up disturbing. Here’s our top 10 list of weird and random merch items that bands really sold at their official merch sites or booths that no one asked for—but we’re glad they exist.

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Every Time I Die lava lamp

every time I die lava lamp

[Photo by: Every Time I Die/Twitter]

Every Time I Die recently had limited edition lava lamps made. Does this mean they’re taking the next album in a psychedelic funk direction? We don’t know, but we do know that if you were lucky enough to snag one of these, we’re pretty jealous.

Emmure boxing gloves

emmure boxing gloves

[Photo by: Metal Injection]

In 2009, Emmure, who has gotten in trouble for their questionable merch designs more than once, sold licensed boxing gloves, much to the dismay of everyone else who may have been in attendance at those shows. I guess that’s one way to throw down in the pit…

Weezer Snuggie

Remember that time Weezer made a Snuggie and made a commercial for it? We do. We definitely asked for it for Christmas that year, and we didn’t get it. Our parents must’ve known better.

White Stripes sewing kit

white stripes sewing kit

[Photo by: Stereogum]

Seriously, the White Stripes sold a sewing kit, complete with peppermint swirl buttons. We’re not even going to try to understand Jack White’s motivations behind this one.

Mastodon bikini

mastodon bikini

[Photo by: Mastodon/Backstreetmerch]

It’s not that strange for a band to sell a bikini—us girls have to keep it brutal in the summer somehow. What’s notable about this particular bikini is that it says “Asstodon” across the ass.

Flaming Lips silver trembling fetus ornament

Just watch the video.

Frank Iero And The Patience survival kit

frank iero merch kit

[Photo by: Frank Iero/Kingsroadmerch]

Frank Iero is a good dude with good intentions, but we’re still scratching our heads on why he sold a camping sleeping bag, water bottle and umbrella with his latest album, Parachutes. Is he insinuating that emos actually go outside…?

Metallica Monopoly

metallica monopoly

[Photo by: Metallica]

For some reason, Metallica agreed to a licensed Monopoly game. It was limited edition and came out in 2011, but we’re sure you could still find one on eBay if you had any reason to.

Misfits UGG-style boots

misfits uggs

[Photo by: Hot Topic]

If you thought there was little crossover between the type of person who would wear UGG-style boots and Misfits fans, you’d be correct. Unfortunately for everyone, the Misfits are known for having pretty bizarre merch, from shower curtains and snowboarding gloves, to fuzzy slippers and chain wallets. You name it, and Jerry Only has probably made a pretty penny off of it. That’s not to say we don’t own most of it...

Fall Out Boy fidget spinner

Last but definitely not least, the merch that broke the internet: Fall Out Boy’s fidget spinners.