[Photo by: Ebay/Stacked Like Pancakes]

You've waited in line for who knows how long just to get a few precious seconds with you favorite band. Amidst all the nerves and the chaos you forgot to grab something for them to sign. It's happened to almost all of us, but often our best ideas come under the greatest pressure. Sometimes you simply have to work with what you have, or maybe you had this plan from the start? Either way, getting your favorite artists to sign random and obscure items will never NOT be funny.

Check out this list of odd autographed items before heading out to your next meet and greet!

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1. A Toilet Seat

Sister Hazel autographed toilet seat

[Photo by: Ebay]

Back in 2014, the band Sister Hazel performed at Wingate University just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. According to the Ebay seller, the band needed to use the restroom and their apartment was right there. In return for the gracious use of their bathroom, the band was kind enough to sign their toilet seat. Don't worry, upon putting the item up for bidding the Ebay user assured all that it was clean.

2. A Waffle

Stacked Like Pancakes had an unusual encounter during the Houston date of Vans Warped Tour when they were asked to sign a waffle. Maybe a pancake was too cliche? 


3 A CVS Receipt

[Photo by: Joanne Cuadrado-Lopez/@jobam329]

Sometimes you have to work with what you have on you. William Beckett was gracious enough to sign Joanne's receipt, and not just any receipt, we're talking those obnoxiously long CVS receipts that go on for miles and miles. 

4. Cards Against Humanity Cards

[Photo by: Holly Greathead/@lonelysmiiles]

The popular Cards Against Humanity game seems to be gaining popularity amongst autographed items. Holly had members of You Know The Drill and WSTR sign her cards.

5. A Sweat Towel

[Photo by: Trenton Worsham/Soundlink Magazine]

You know those towels that get laid out for the band so they can wipe away the waterfalls of sweat dripping down their faces? Attack Attack! signed one of those for Trenton back in 2010, but I was assured it was a towel that hadn't been used (or had it?).

6. A Piece Of Pizza


Starting to get withdrawals from not signing enough pizza ��

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YouTuber Jarrod Alonge signed a piece of pizza during his Warped Tour run with Fearless Records last year. Let's be real, this is every pop-punk kids' dream come true.

7. A Neck And A Nipple


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Sammy Adams announced during his Warped set that he would sign anything, and apparently he meant it. A dad took him up on his offer, asking Adams to sign his nipple. He did.

8. A Prosthetic Leg

Jake Marquis of Sleep On It says he autographed a prosthetic leg in Atlanta. You can catch Sleep On It on tour with State Champs right now and ask them to sign all sorts of weird things, because let's be real, they'll definitely do it. 

9. A Mummy Doll

Mummy doll signed by Alkaline Trio

When Alkaline Trio were asked to sign a mummy doll by AP's very own Rabab when she was 16, they had to double check before signing it, stating that "it's like a family heirloom." 


Some fans make the signing of weird an unusual things a habit. Hannah Thompson has accumulated an assortment of randomly autographed items including a spoon signed by All American Rejects, a treasure troll signed by Simple Plan, her French Horn lessons book also autographed by All American Rejects and a sandwich container signed by Good Charlotte.

Kira Sanford follows the same tactics, having RED sign a paper plate, asking Kenny Logins to sign a piece of wood she found in the street, and getting Steve-O to sign a plastic cup.

What weird and unusual items have you had autographed? Let us know in the comments below!