AltPress correspondent Ryan J. Downey ran into none other than Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer at NAMM this past weekend to get a little taste of what's to come for the band. While Irwin couldn't give us much detail ("we haven't written a bar of music yet"), he did admit that 5SOS have just started working on new material.

We also spoke about the atmosphere of NAMM, dishing about strolling through the drum area and nerding out with all the gear and rockstars hanging about. He also gave us a little detail about playing drums on the new Andy Black album.

John Feldmann recruited Irwin to play on the record and Irwin explains why he loves working with him.

“Me and John really bond when we record drums together and it's a really high paced caffeinated situation where we feed off each other,” Irwan said.

Don’t miss the scoop on the "Jet Black Heart" video details and more in this NAMM interview with Ashton!

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Interview: Ryan J. Downey

Video: Possum Hill

Editing: Possum Hill and Bobby Makar