Western Addiction


FILE UNDER: Hardcore punk

ROCKS LIKE: New Mexican Disaster Squad, Black Flag, Only Crime

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Bay Area hardcore punkers Western Addiction haven’t actually changed much since their 2005 full-length debut, Cognicide, but they’ve aged gracefully. There is a greater variety of tempos than usual, plus subtle musical differences, from the Descendents-esque riff that kicks the album off (“Clatter And Lies”) to the sinister, mid-paced intro of “Ditch Riders” and the momentary, almost Y2K-era AFI vibe of “Your Life Is Precious.”

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The band’s first LP in a dozen years, Tremulous solidifies the unique niche Western Addiction occupy between ’80s hardcore-influenced aggression and melodic punk sensibility. With Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape in the producer’s chair, WA wield a melodic pep that keeps the album fun and interesting amid the incensed ruckus. “Masscult, Vulgarians And Entitlement” sums things up aptly: “Sometimes the world feels like a horror movie.” 

OUR PICK: "Clatter And Hiss”