Whitechapel helped the spookiest time of the year draw to a close with their latest album, Kin, released October 29. Prior to the album's release, the band also dropped a music video for the single "Orphan," preceded by "A Bloodsoaked Symphony" and "Lost Boy."

While the Halloween season is officially being over, Whitechapel still have a treat for Alternative Press readers in the form of a playlist.

From acoustic instrumentals to '90s horrorcore and of course metal, here are 10 songs that helped inspire Whitechapel's Kin.

Katatonia – “Onward Into Battle”

We could’ve chosen any number of Katatonia songs as influential. They are the masters of melancholy for good reason. No other band can be the catalyst to that beautiful, dark place where this sound exists. This song just has the most gorgeous chorus that pulls tears from your eyes.

Opeth – “Ghost Of Perdition”

Any time you hear a heavy passage into an inviting clean section, there is a debt owed to Opeth. Mikael Akerfeldt is like the Beethoven of metal. He writes melodies that last paragraphs, crafts adventurous musical operas and sings with incredible vocal range. This record in particular is just so achingly good.

Tool – “Jimmy”

This song seems to have something to do with family, just like Kin does. Tool is a one-of-a-kind band that can never be replicated.

Meshuggah – “Lethargica”

Meshuggah have this god energy. I imagine the architects in the far reaches of the universe would play music similar to what these Swedish titans create. Songs like “The Ones That Made Us” give Kin this undeniable presence of a crushing force that is heavily influenced by them.

Pantera – “Floods”

The emotion behind this song is strong, lyrically and musically. One of the best solos and outros from them as a whole.

Dane And Taylor – “The Silversmith”

In high school, my guitar buddy JJ and I would listen to this album all the time. So much so that it’s practically ingrained in my musical DNA at this point. Dane And Taylor were just two simple men from Johnson City, Tennessee, who made beautiful music with their acoustic guitars.

All Them Witches – “Open Passageways”

All Them Witches are another band that I could name any of their songs as influential. They have a sound that comes from the earth and blossoms into a dark tale as old as time.

 Three 6 Mafia – “Stomp”

This song is very dark-sounding, and Phil [Bozeman, vocalist] takes a lot of inspiration from their vocal flows. The subject matter they portray is real life to them as Kin is to Phil.

 True Widow – “AKA”

The opening of this particular song influenced the main riff in “Orphan.” It has the kind of mood you can tell a story to.

Alice In Chains – “Black Gives Way To Blue”

This album’s closing track puts Alice In Chains' epic comeback record to rest in the most honest way possible. We tried to apply that feel into our closing song, “Kin.”

Check out Whitechapel's playlist below.