Following the likes of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson—each arguably the GOAT in their own respective genres—the late pop songstress Whitney Houston, who passed away in 2012, is reportedly taking the stage in hologram form some time in 2016. As of now, it appears that only a one-off performance is planned; not necessarily a full tour as some rumors and reports have stated. 

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Billionaire Alki David's company Hologram USA is working with Pat Houston, President of the Whitney Houston Estate, on a concert that is expected to take at least a year of planning before it's all ready to go. In a recent interview with Billboard, David explains, "We need to finalize the script [for the show]," but he assures that it "should be a relatively smooth process." David went on to explain that the performance would include both live and digital components, "in the same way that Tupac and Snoop Dogg interacted onstage at Coachella [in 2012]." There will also be a narrative involved. "The show will not just be Whitney comes on, sings and gets off. The narrative will document parts of her life, her achievements and celebrate Whitney."

There are probably a lot more holograms performing as of late than you even realize. What are your thoughts on this growing trend of faux resurrections of deceased artists?