Dave Grohl didn’t take long to comment about who he’d like to induct Foo Fighters into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

His band joined an impressive list of nominees Feb. 10, and the former Nirvana drummer had a lot to say about the prospect of entering the Hall.

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Just hours after receiving the nod, Grohl commented on the nomination during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. When asked by Stern about who he would like to induct the Foos, Grohl went all the way back to the roots of his band.

“I thought maybe if I give someone a cassette and they think it’s a band, then they’ll be surprised when they find out that it’s just one person, and that it was me,” Grohl says of the band’s origins. “And, you know, coming out of Nirvana, it was like, I didn’t want to say, ‘Hey! I’ve got a solo project,’ so I called it Foo Fighters.”

“One of the reasons why I did that is because when I was young, someone gave me a record by an artist named Klark Kent,” Grohl continues. “It was this kinda weird, like, fringe thing–'Klark Kent? Who's Klark Kent?' It sounded a lot like the Police. It sounded a lot like the Police, because it was actually Stewart Copeland. The drummer of the Police made this record under the name Klark Kent. He didn't put his name on the record, it was just called Klark Kent, and it was this cool record. So, when you first got it, you were like, 'Wow, who's Klark Kent? This is kinda rad.' And then someone's like, [whispers] 'That's Stewart Copeland.'"

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Klark Kent was the first solo album released by a member of the Police, and the group’s iconic drummer went out of his way to hide his involvement. The record’s title was a not-so-subtle nod to Superman’s alter ego, as was the decision to release the record through Kryptonite Records in bold green vinyl.

Grohl went on to clarify “This is unofficial by the way,” saying “We haven’t had this discussion.”

They might need to have it soon, because not all members of Foo Fighters appear to be on the same page. When pressed by Stern, band guitarist Pat Smear offered an alternative pick.

“Dave’s mom,” Smear says with a laugh.

Grohl was already inducted into the Rock Hall in 2014 as a member of Nirvana, but he’ll face stiff competition for his repeat bid. The 2021 list of nominees includes Rage Against The Machine, Tina Turner, Iron Maiden and Jay-Z. Fans can vote at rockhall.com through April 30, selecting up to five nominees each day.

Foo Fighters’ latest album Medicine At Midnight was released Feb. 5 and was preceded by a number of singles, including “Waiting On A War.”

The album is available to stream here or below.

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