Brendon Urie and Taylor Swift surprised everyone last night when they dropped their new collaboration, “ME!”

The reaction from fans has been pretty crazy: Some are delighted about the end product between the icons, while others had strong feelings against it. However, what surprised us the most were the people who had no idea who the Panic! At The Disco frontman was. Check out some of the best (and heartbreaking) reactions below.

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1. Some think they’re saving the music industry...
2. …and complimenting Urie on his versatility.
3. There were a few fans completely against the collab...
4. ...because they saw it as a major departure from classic Panic! At The Disco...
5. ...and a “sell out” move that many defended.
6. Surprisingly, there were others who had no idea who Urie was.
7. Like, a lot of people.
8. We were shocked.
9. “High Hopes” has broken records...
10. …even a radio station even got his name wrong!