In his latest letter to fans, William Control has announced that he has written a short novel detailing the "backstory into the nihilism and self-deprecating inner monologue of William Control." 

William Control, in addition to being the name of Wil Francis' solo project, is a fictional character, representing the darker side of himself.

He notes that the story began as an essay that grew into something that could be published in novel form. Though, he is reluctant to link up with a publisher to put it out:

"Perhaps the experience of being dragged through the mud on a record label has soured me on those sorts of "Art for sale" deals. I think I would just rather market it it to you for now."

Read an excerpt below and stay tuned for more updates  on

"October 27th Present day

Shaving stubble down to skin with a dull razor. This isn’t fun when you’ve been up for three days drinking scotch, huffing ether and consuming putrid amounts of cracker jack blotter acid. I’ve been here before, shivering in the moonlight, many years ago in the dark dream of another lifetime.  The ocean swaying in the background and I think I may be hallucinating. Think. Operative word here is think. The thought police are on to me. Reality is far worse than I can imagine, so I ignore it.  There’s a visible ray of dirty light falling between the wisps of smoke I am exhaling and the space beneath the broken door jam. I am in a crummy hotel room, alone and shipwrecked. Jude is gone and I may as well be floating in a cold lake face down."