[Photos by: Chad Smith/Instagram, Wikimedia Commons]

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer and Will Ferrell doppelgänger Chad Smith takes his band's name literally in a new charity challenge he issued to the actor and comedian—watch Smith eat an actual red hot chili pepper below.

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As part of the ALS Pepper Challenge (a viral charge similar to 2014's Ice Bucket Challenge), the RHCP percussionist filmed himself scarfing a hot pepper on Monday, followed by the musician's nomination of Ferrell (as well as Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready) to take the next pepper-eating plunge.

Smith was nominated for the challenge by ex-NFL player Steve Gleason, who suffers from ALS. In the clip, the Peppers drummer is seemingly inside a grocery store while taking the charity-minded, tongue-scorching test—a testament to the musician's drive for the spicy demonstration.

"The ironic thing is, I don't like chili peppers," he admits in the Twitter video, as noted by the NME. "I'm not a fan of hot peppers." Now that's a challenge! Watch Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith tackle the ALS Pepper Challenge here:

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