Not much is known about the Dumbo remake, besides the fact that it's going to be directed by Tim Burton, but there is now talks of adding a big name to the cast.

Deadline has reported that there has been early talks of adding Will Smith to the cast of Dumbo.

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The film is still in the earliest stages of production, considering they have not even started filming, but every Disney remake has had a big name attached to it lately, so this might be Dumbo's big star.

Disney has plenty of new adaptions of their classic films planned such as a prequel story for Cruella De Vil, a remake of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, along with the Beauty and The Beast remake coming out in March.

Variety has reported that Will Smith would be playing "the father of the children who develop a friendship with the lovable elephant after seeing him at the circus." Tom Hanks is also in talks to play the villian of the film.

Ehren Kruger has written the screenplay for Dumbo and looking at his previous works makes us curious how the script for Dumbo will look. Some of the previous screenplays Kruger has written include The Ring, along with the last three Transformers movies.

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