Jim Cummings, the actor who voiced some of Disney's biggest films, is accused of some truly awful things. According to The Blast, the voice actor for Winnie The Pooh allegedly sexually assaulted his ex-wife and abused their dog.

The couple went through a messy divorce in 2011. Stephanie Cummings is accusing her ex of engaging in physical, sexual and emotional abuse including death threats, rape and more.

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The allegations occurred between 2011 and 2018 after the couple's marriage fell apart.

In the court documents, she claims to have obtained multiple restraining orders against the 66-year-old Disney star. One incident from August 31, 2011 states Jim came over to her home, slapped her on the buttocks and forced himself on her in front of their 4-year-old daughter.

The L.A. County Sheriff advised her to get a domestic violence restraining order following the incident.

According to documents, Jim does not dispute the incident but remembers it differently. He said he was “joking and laughing” with her and "touched her slightly on the butt.” The voice actor says his ex-wife "made no objection to anything.”

Stephanie also filed a police report after she was allegedly raped by Jim in 2013. She says she entered rehab after the rape for “co-dependency” with Jim showing to the facility unannounced.

Stephanie says Jim would say he was allowed to “touch Mommy’s breasts since he had paid for them.” The couple is in a bitter custody battle over their two daughters in a Los Angeles court.

In the court documents, Stephanie says Jim would withhold support payments and demand sex in exchange for his cooperation. She moved to Utah with their two daughters in 2017 due to health problems from the harassment.

During a visit to see the children, Stephanie allowed Jim to stay at the house at his request. During the middle of the night, Stephanie claims Jim was “standing over me with his erect penis in my hand. He was using my hand to stroke his penis while my youngest daughter was asleep on the other side of me. She was 10 years old at the time.”

After the incident, she obtained the second restraining order.

Stephanie claims the primary reason the couple separated was due to Jim's substance abuse issues. Jim has spent time in rehab multiple times and has a history of alcohol, Adderall and marijuana abuse.

Jim is also accused of abusing the family's puppy to the point where it nearly died. He allegedly placed the dog in a metal bucket in extreme heat for hours after it was urinating in his home. Stephanie also claims in another incident Jim had “taken a broom and hit the puppy so hard that he shattered the puppy’s hip necessitating surgery.”

The Disney star is fighting against the allegations and worries what will happen to his career as the court case continues. Jim Cummings is known for voicing characters in movies such as Winnie The Pooh and The Lion King.

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