It’s happening—we’re hitting the point of winter where probably most of us are ready for it to end. Yeah, the first snowfalls are cool, and it’s nice to not be baking in the sun, but this shit gets very old very fast.

To try to cheer you up a bit, we’ve put together a list of why winter is the most emo season. It’s here to remind you that even though it’s pretty bad, it’s pretty much our entire aesthetic. Now, bundle up and enjoy reading!

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1. There are so many good songs about winter

“New Winter” by Hawthorne Heights, “If Winter Ends” by Bright Eyes, “Love Like Winter” by AFI, the list goes on. More recently, Gerard Way’s cover of “Hazy Shade Of Winter” is our fave. Spend some time making a playlist and jam out to forget how freezing it is outside.

2. It gets dark super early

We love the darkness, so it’s kind of fitting for us. We can lurk about in peace.

3. No one will judge your outfits

In the summer, when you’re rocking black skinny jeans and combat boots, you can sometimes get some looks (not that we care what anyone thinks). However, in the winter, this is what you’re supposed to wear.

4. There’s nothing to do but sulk

Summer is a bit too upbeat for us anyway, so sulking in our misery because it’s freezing is more our speed.

5. Your eyeliner won’t run

Arguably, the worst part about summer is having your full face of makeup melt off in the heat. In the winter, your makeup will not budge. Honestly, it might just freeze on.